Is it difficult to arrange a time to meet up with friends?

Lujan De Felice
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Everyone has a different schedule, different tastes in food, and lives in different places, so arranging a date to meet up with friends isn't as easy as it used to be, and one person is usually responsible for arranging it, sparing the time we often see each other. What is the solution to this problem? Is there a way to match people's preferences, availability and even book restaurants more easily?


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Honestly, I don’t find this difficult.
Maxwell Davis
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Not really a problem for me personally
Andew Slobodianiuk
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If we are talking about all friends - yes, match time for meet with someone from them difficult but with nearest no problem at all.
Maria Batrin
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I do have this problem - I work 24/7, and my friends don't. So, I see the way out in inviting friends to a dinner party. At home, there are no limits in time or noise levels - you're just having fun together. Because even if something goes wrong, that's not the food everyone came for but enjoying the company of the friends.
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I have a few group chats with my friends, and usually arranging anything is not much of an issue. The largest one is now 15+ ppl (due to our spouses being added), so what we normally do is - Send a msg suggesting a meetup - Once 2-3 ppl aggree - we pick a place - Pin a post about this meetup in a group and ask others to comment on it if they want to join (by certain deadline) - Book the place once the attandee list is confirmed But honestly, aside from weddings and such we do not even gather in large groups anymore.