Is it appropriate to find a cofounder here?

Ervinn Tangco
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Hey PH community! My name is Ervinn and I recently finished building an MVP of an NFT social gallery. So far I have managed to build successfully and onboard a couple of users through running ads. But, I am a one man army doing everything from building the platform and marketing it. Is it appropriate to seek cofounders here on product hunt? or would you guys think it is better to find someone I know personally even though it is an early stage?


Corvin Deboeser
Hey Ervinn, congrats to your progress so far! 😊 In my experience, the biggest problem is that most people you'll meet/reach are either (1) not willing to found a startup or that (2) it's the wrong timing for them. Your co-founder search will be a lot more effective if you start somewhere where those two criteria are (mostly) fulfilled. If you have some entrepreneurial friends you'd be interested to co-found with, I would suggest to ask to run a project together (could also be associated to your NFT gallery). This will give both sides a chance to understand if this may work. Beyond that, two things you could check out: * YC Co-founder matching * Accelerators like or (both have a program in Toronto, runs every 6 months, deadline for EF is today) Good luck and keep pushing!
Ervinn Tangco
@corvin_deboeser Corvin thank you for sharing your experience and advice. I will definitely check these out and keep your ideas in mind. I see that you are also working on or is involved with web3 stuff. I'll definitely follow you and keep up with what you do. Maybe I can learn a thing or two!
Corvin Deboeser
@ervinntangco Glad if it helps 😊 Will defo follow back - excited to see what you'll be launching in the future!
Maciej Cupial
Did you try on IndieHackers?
Manoj Ranaweera
Hi @ervinntangco we have 3,608 Volunteers from 72 countries on If you are building a tech startup, they can help you to acquire users and provide support. We charge a small month/annual subscription for our service. But all the talent is free. You cannot pay them or give them any financial benefits. Let me know if you are interested in finding out more. Our first customer actually found a technical co-founder.
Aleksi Halsas
@ervinntangco @manojranaweera This is actually quite an interesting idea. How active is your service and what kind of companies mostly use it? VC backed? Bootstrapped?...
Manoj Ranaweera
@ervinntangco @aleksi_halsas1 Mostly bootstrapped. I want to help one person startup first. They are the hardest to help.
Manoj Ranaweera
@ervinntangco @aleksi_halsas1 Biggest company we have at present is getting closer to raising £1m in equity funding.
It's challenging to find a co-founder that fits, make sure you take your time and don't rush into things
Manoj Ranaweera
@maxwellcdavis @ervinntangco Once I spent more than 2 years looking for a technical co-founder when my three co-founders left - 2007 to 2009. Now I run solo. But no longer lonely thanks to my 3622 Volunteers
Andrew E
I think it's fine but will likely be hard unless you find a project that's similar and look to merge the efforts. Most folks here have projects they are working on.
Sofa Kraud
Of course! I would also recommend reading this article about tech co founder equity: