Is it a good idea to re-post a blog on Medium & LinkedIn after you've posted it on your website?

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Gleb Braverman
For sure! The more exposure you get the better, also you never know who might share your work!
Vivek Ranjan
Medium is a no-brainer - you can set your website's URL as the canonical URL ( LinkedIn is good for exposure, but might hurt SEO if it gets indexed by search engines
@vr3690 Thanks! This is exactly why I started this discussion! For Medium we can use the canonical or no index tags...but what about LinkedIn!
Isabel Nyo
I definitely cross post on my website and medium. Medium: Website: The thing I like about Medium is the reach, I find that I get better reach as I publish in major publications like Better Programming, The Startup, etc.
Fabian Maume
For Medium you can reshare using the proper setup. For Linkedin I would advice you not to reshare the full article. .I would recommend you to use Missinglettr V3. It is quite good to repurpose your content for linkedin and it won't hurt your SEO.