Is AI increasing productivity or preparing us for total dependency in the future?

Binay Singh
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Geetanjali Shrivastava
I see the impact of the growth of AI on our work, as an echo of the impact of the arrival & growth of the Internet on work a few decades ago. Very similar doubts and concerns...which all went away as the Internet became a part of our daily lives. We are highly dependent on it, but it has definitely increased our productivity as well.
Binay Singh
@geetanjalishrivastava very valid points. Do you also think that being dependent on AI will have any adverse effects?
Geetanjali Shrivastava
@binay_singh2 I don't think so, apart from the increased load on servers (contributing to global warming at some level) and the other impact of technology in general on our lives...what are your thoughts on the subject?
Binay Singh
@geetanjalishrivastava totally with you :) I think the widespread implementation of artificial intelligence technologies in everyday life, might lead to widespread social and economic disruption in future years. How would you see this?
Geetanjali Shrivastava
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Hiteshu jani
Whenever a new technology arrives in market , the aim is to solve problem . It can be either providing support which in return increase productivity at first but leads to heavy dependency in future. We are living at present in the most crucial phase of AI development. The more we consumes it ,more dependable human will be on AI . Since nowadays , every sector has AI innovation. Soon it will be a part of our daily life.
Binay Singh
@hiteshu_jani that's so true. Do you think this reliance on AI will affect us in anyway?
Hiteshu jani
@binay_singh2 Yes Sure . You can look at some softwares which are so creative. But at somewhere we humans are ahead.
In my opinion, AI is increasing productivity which in turn increases efficiency and save time. for example our product, Insights7 is an AI tool that helps product teams analyze customer research interviews up to 10x faster than manually. Imagine cutting down research time from 7 hours to 7 minutes. We are launching on Wed (Jan 25)( so we love you to be a part of this experience by joining our waitlist.
It's a double edge sword. AI certainly provide huge positive impact on productivity. However, it's important to make sure that we don't become too reliant on AI and neglect the human aspect of decision-making and problem-solving. In any case, It's a complex topic, and the outcome will depend on the way AI is implemented and regulated.
Deep K
AI has the potential to significantly increase productivity in a wide range of industries and applications. By automating repetitive tasks, analyzing large amounts of data, and making complex decisions, AI can free up time and resources for more strategic activities. This can help businesses operate more efficiently and effectively, ultimately leading to increased productivity and growth.
Binay Singh
@deep_k Absolutely! Do you also think it is going to take people out of their jobs?
Deep K
@binay_singh2 AI has the potential to automate many tasks that are currently done by humans, which could lead to job loss in certain industries. However, it is also important to note that AI can also create new job opportunities in areas such as data analysis, AI development, and cybersecurity.
Binay Singh
@deep_k very well-articulated. Growth in AI is going to affect people one or the other way.
Victoria Wavey
I would say both in a certain way
Binay Singh
@victoria_wavey Thank you for sharing your views. Do you also have any examples which you would love to share?
Chetan Natesh
Very difficult to say. Writing was said to be harmful to our memory because people felt everything would be written down. That clearly didn't happen. Our own imagination is the only way out.
Kritika Jain
I guess AI increases the productivity and save lot of time which we can spend on other activities. Also it provides many varieties of ideas to reach out the goal.
Raghav Mittal
Everything comes with a price, AI may increase your productivity but also make you too much dependent.
Binay Singh
@raghav_mittal2 yes exactly. how do you think the dependency might impact?
Pooja Sharma
AI is increasing productivity. It drives down the time taken to perform a task.
Valentine Osnovyanenko
Isn't this applicable to every new technology? 😁 It does both. This will go in 2 ways as saved time will be spent on: - rest, giving a boost to the 4-work-day culture - other work, outperforming the current quarter planning The question is, which approach would actually improve productivity?
Binay Singh
@osnovyanenko very valid points. Do you think development in AI would actually help companies move towards 4-work-day culture? Totally agree with your 2nd point.
Valentine Osnovyanenko
@binay_singh2 I think it's gonna start off as a hidden thing. Consider this example from Reddit - If automating a job becomes easier for non-tech people, most of co-workers will enact a 4-work-day routine. Except, they'll spend those 24 hours at office, doing whatever else they like while acting as if working. Once it becomes obvious for everyone in a company, the management will have to decide on how to deal with this. They'll have to accept the workers as "supervisor engineers" for their ChatGPT tools. I think that 4-work-day culture also stems from our growth and hardworking mindset. When you overwork too much, the motivation fades away. Perhaps the AI can fill in for one workday a week. Even one day a week can offset the burnout!
Raju Singh
Lazy ones are getting lazier and smarter ones are getting smarter. Find your balance or pay the price of the wave that's coming through AI.
Nick Mazikov
What is definitely clear is that AI will make life much easier in the future. In particular, the work
Eddie Forson
For now it's increasing productivity. I don't think it is yet able to replace most knowledge workers. But progress in AI is accelerating fast, so there may come a time (during our lifetime) where it's replaced a good chunk of knowledge work too. I think we should pay more attention to this as a society and start having serious discussion about what our lives may look like in a world where AI is so advanced.
Lalesultan Güneş
I believe that AI tools will speed up our routine work and focus people on more analytical and complex problems.
Gaurav Goyal
Increasing productivity in almost everything we do. It's going to increase with time.
Will AI increasing productivity, Yes. But the problem will be different. Before computers work was slow now work is faster with Computers but we have to update and troubleshoot the computers error.