Indiehackers invite codes

Jan Sulek
6 replies
What is the best way of getting into Indiehackers? Tried reaching out on: - Twitter - Reddit - Quora but no luck, unfortunately.


Fabio Chiusano
Hi Jan, I don't know what is the best channel for your purpose but I can give you one of my invite codes. Let me know if you need one!
Sam Barkati
@fabio_chiusano1 Hi Fabio, I am new to product hunt as well and just started my startup and I would really appreciate it if send me your invite code if you still have it. Many thanks in advance.
Fabio Chiusano
@sam_barkati Hi Sam! I think I have run out of them as I can no longer find them on my account. Could it be that they have been made unnecessary?
Atul Ghorpade
I have 64 points. Still, I don't have invite code/s.