Indie Parents, share your tips

Katt Risen
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- You are home alone with your 2 young kids - You need 2 hours to finish a task What are your parent hacks 🧙‍♂️ to get some uninterrupted work?


Ouch, my situation exactly! In the evening when they're asleep is currently the best time to block and work. My favorite is the early mornings, but sometimes one of them is up (too) early too. They also surprised me sometimes during the day that hey were just playing (drawing, lego's etc) and were submersed in it for 30+minutes. I took the occasion and worked shorter sprints. The "under pressure" feeling of them stopping their work any moment, actually made me very effective. It's unpredictable though if they play in their flow like that :o)
Maxwell Davis
Does locking the office door and putting on noise cancelling headphones count?
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Daniel Lee
There should be more double caregivers in the same situation,it`s a big challenge for all parents. For the issue, highly recommend using smart alarm baby monitor or surveillance monitor for kids during separated time, and a story teller machine is not bad choice too.