Impulse Domain Purchase

Saeed Ezzati
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About a year ago, while I was working on adding an easter egg to our website on, I had one of those brilliant(!!) domain idea moments. I'm not gonna tell you where exactly the easter egg is, for those of you who enjoy finding them, but I can tell you that it has something to do with Star Wars (big fan!) and ApartmentList 404 page. I immediately checked and it was available! So I bought it 🥁 (Nothing to see there, yet!) Not that brilliant, I know 😔But at least memorable. Especially if you are a Star Wars fan. I mainly bought it for the purpose of eventually making a fun side project on it. It has been parked for the last year since I've been working on some other side projects (mainly, but I finally decided to launch something on it. My original idea was to basically use it to showcase some beautifully designed 404 pages for design inspiration, and maybe expand it to other page types later. My question is, what would you have done with this domain? Or if you think the "404-page design inspiration" idea is good, what features would you add there?
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