Importance of mobile UI customization?

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Adding customization options to mobile apps gives a user choices of color, layout etc, but in reality I don't see many large apps providing these features beyond dark/light and device settings. How important are customization options within a mobile app for you?


Victor David
As long as there's a light option (or that's the default), I'm okay without further customization. I don't have time nor much inclination to customize much. I don't like dark mode though because it makes my eyes go crazy. As for layout, sometimes (if there's an option) I'll take advantage of it to move stuff around or remove it.
@codemongo I totally understand what you mean about dark mode, depending on the content the contrast can make me bonkers
There is no doubt that mobile user interfaces are becoming more and more customizable. This makes them more active, interactive and engaging for users. Customizing a UI can help to create a better overall experience for the user, whether they are using an app on their phone or desktop computer. There are a number of reasons why customizing a mobile UI is important. First of all, it can make the app easier to use. If everything is at your fingertips, it’s much easier to get started with the app. Secondly, customized UIs tend to be more visually appealing. They look nicer and feel more professional than generic UIs. Finally, customized UIs can be tailored to specific needs or preferences of different users. So if you have a lot of customers who use different types of phones or prefer different types of customization, you can create separate UIs for each group of users without difficulty. Visit :