Im here to help w/ business development! (not charging)

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Im reaching out to see if anyone may need any help raising funds, resources, or business development help! There's no charge, just someone who loves entrepreneurship, looking to help, and gets experience. Please let me know if you are interested, have any questions, or concerns. Also if you would like I can give you access to our free collaborative resource bank for entrepreneurs. Over 4000 resources, investors, and other items founders may need. It's pretty casual about how it works. Whenever you need anything, you may request any sort of help or information. Of course, matter of how difficult or how much time the task may take I also may decline as well since I am working for free. Standard help is typically Q&A, brainstorming, networking + introductions, or limited time researching. (I am always open for more though so always feel free to ask). My expertise while doing business development ranges from: - Fundraising (Equity Crowdfunding, Accelerators, Investors, or VCs) - Pitching - Business Development - Business Modeling - Marketing Strategy - Branding - Resource Allocation - Team Hiring - Company Cultravating - Operations - News coverage - and much more! I have helped over 20+ businesses over the span of 4-5 years and have helped raised thousands of dollars. Currently CEO for hire at MenuBubble. Hope to hear from you soon!
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