If you had to use a brand tagline to define yourself, what'll you use?

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white old male founder
Dharin Parekh
Honest, humble, ambitious.
@dharin_parekh a question as you are curious, could you try out https://timz.flowers with your family, team or friends and give us feedback? I would appreciate this very much and your feedback is super important as we have just started soft-launching and need honst users. Thank you so much!
Dharin Parekh
@timz_flowers Interesting concept. Did sign up for this, will spend a few days using it, before giving some feedback !
Dharin Parekh
@tapsi How would you define yourself ?
@dharin_parekh In terms of brand taglines, 1) Impossible is nothing. - Adidas 2) Think different - Apple
Sarah Jordi
Connecting people since 1988
Fritz Brumder
Life is an adventure. Educate yourself, be curious, and you'll grow into something new.
@fritzly what does a video strategist do?
Fritz Brumder
@timz_flowers Who me? Ha. A video strategist spends a lot of time thinking about, and more importantly building, new products with video. It started 15+ years ago working on crazy video projects with people like https://www.billviola.com/. More recently I created and launched brandlive.com and zipcan.com. Part of the strategy is to make video easier for other's to use every day. So that is what a video strategist does.
@fritzly well, you know, we are building an Async Video Meeting tool. This is some kind of crazy project. I'm very video-oriented myself, due to my history as a TV art director, talking about crazy philosophical concepts like neo-orality (please don't think this in the wrong direction)... I found it interesting to find somebody who is a video strategist, which means to me conceptualizing video in its social importance and strategic potentials. Cool man, perhaps you can take a look at timz.flowers, there you can weave a web of videos. Your feedback is very welcome. Strategic thinking is always valuable.
Ilia Pikulev
Trying to understand humanity since 1989!
Anna lucca
Probably a smart navigation map, useful navigable web find locations accurately and quickly, sharp images, easy to spot, traffic updates anytime, anywhere https://mqdirections.com/
Gary McKinnon
Honest, humble, ambitious.
Pulkit Zaveri
My Tagline - "Ask someone else, They will be more honest"
Samuli Pehkonen
Bridging the gap between logic and magic
Jonathan Berkey
something like this maybe Discover, Experience, Together
Cezary Dobrowolski
Showing people-oriented organizations the right way.
Arquette Davis
It's finger lickin' good
Kirsten p: kearstin | she/her
I wouldn’t have been able to. But my brand’s designer chose mine and she was so so spot on. “an eye for life”
Buford Light
Just what you need
@rg97 Apple called. They want you to think different.
Mayank Gupta
Dealing with yourself, everyday!
Raghav Goyal
Perspective is the reality
Arunav Barua Das
"Don't run before time , walk along with time "