If you had $10,000 to spend on an idea, what would you spend it on?

Ana Mogul
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You can have an itemized list or simply provide percentages on where you would spend the money on. But preferably no obvious categories like "marketing".


Daniel Kyne
It seems counterintuitive, but I would probably spend it on instant noodles :) The first step of any startup should be validating that you're not only solving a problem for a definable customer set, but that the problem is such an intense pain that those customers are actively searching for a solution. Understanding that with the toolkit most founders use (user interviews mainly, along with surveys and prioritization frameworks sometimes) for customer discovery is really difficult, but skipping this step is an even worse decision -- 80% of new products and features are rarely or never used, the root of which is in poor validation work. That's my long winded way of saying you should have a validated problem and value prop before you more onto even deciding on what the product/solution should look like. Instead of doing over 100 user interviews for 7 months (which I what I did), here's an idea validation framework from Stripe that's way better for founders: https://opinionx.co/blog/custome...
Emma Phượng Nguyễn
Necessities for basic needs - The goal is to survive "the wild life" as long as possible. Specifically, the list would be * Food & Water. * Electricity. * A safe place to stay. * Good internet. * Good computer. * Transport.
Stanislav Morozov
To create an interactive prototype for hypothesis testing
Certain strategies may better lead you to those magical seven digits. ... If you had 1,000,000 and spent it that way, you'd blow via it quite quick. ... Software developers flip their ideas and code into intellectual property. https://bestbasketballreview.com...
Daniel James
Training on how to build an iOS app 😂 I have so many ideas that would help me in day to day tasks but I have absolutely no way of knowing how to build. I could quite easily build a web app to do it but sometimes you need it to use native APIs to make it work seamlessly.
Emma mark
@danieljames Instruction on how to create an iOS app I have a lot of ideas that would help me with my day-to-day tasks, but I have no idea how to build them. I could easily develop a web app to do it, but sometimes native APIs are required to make things work smoothly.
Onindo Ahmed
I would spend it on developing an e-bike prototype- a passion project of mine!