If you could solve one global problem tomorrow what would you solve?

Aaron O'Leary
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The world has a few different crises going on at the same time, if you could pick one to end tomorrow what would you choose?


Aaron O'Leary
Toss up between pandemic and climate change for me.
Ryan Chaliff
@aaronoleary one question PH community team member product hunter possible? please answer
Hungry Children....
Alex Hernandez
With my new platform you can solve problems for people, maybe they are not global but if it is about helping people here it is -> http://www.talendy.com
Deepak Yadav
@alex_hernandez9 We need more users on your platform to actually work. Exceptional concept. Lit product. But do something about users.
Alex Hernandez
@worklab Yes you're right, The platform has been alive for a day and users are arriving but in the meantime, as I am a software engineer, I will help you with any questions, problems or tasks related to software and programming.
Pathange Balaji Rao
@alex_hernandez9 @worklab Nice concept . We can surely scale this. If we make it open to Open source community they can make good use of it, even non profits and volunteer work can be done this way. Basically earning karma is like a virtual currency. But most importantly there should be a way to benefit or use these coins, only then users would be incentivised. Do think on these lines
Alex Hernandez
@worklab @balaji_rao1 You have a very interesting point of view! Open source community, brilliant, what I have in mind for the next step is to transfer it to schools so that teachers can positively assess their students based on what they have helped others, I see that it is not rewarded enough. That I would know how to carry it out, but I don't know how to reach open source people, And virtual currency you mean like crypto? Right now only can make posts if you have karma coins, if not you have to help someone that is the incentive. Thanks for your lines, i've loved your feedback
Pathange Balaji Rao
@worklab @alex_hernandez9 By virtual currency i referred to Karma coins. You can reachout to Open source folks on their project slack groups, discord etc. You can check them out on Github too. The students usecase is great too. Students can also give karma coins to get help in a test (Just joking) You are doing great work Alex. In case you need any help related to Product, or strategy do feel free to reachout to me Heres me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/balu14012001
Fu Fei
Racism & Prejudice I think we will eventually "invent-our-way" out of - Pandemics - Climate change - Access to water - Access to education Human behaviour is a much more complex problem...
Benoit Chambon
Childhood starvation. Definitely.
John Undecimo
Right now, it's the pandemic.
Igor Stikic
Human stupidity...that's the spark of any problem!
Amit yadav
Rivalries between countries
Vimal Raj
Corrupted Politicians
Richard Francis
Education. There are many urgent, high-level problems in the world at any one time, but I feel the root cause is regularly due to lack of education or cultural understanding (a subset of education, in my book). Some obvious problems, which we can clearly attribute to lack of cultural understanding: * Conflicts * Racism & Xenophobia Some less obvious ones, which I think education can, indirectly, alleviate: * Poverty * Climate Change * Pandemics
Prerak Trivedi
@richard_francis2 : Richard, you hit at the core of all this. Education should create sensible brains. Working on it with my coaching program which I call 'Spiritual Entrepreneurship' to counter existential as well as ecological crisis.
Johannes J
@richard_francis2 education is so important -- but what if all your educated people leave your country all the time?
Richard Francis
@j1j8 Yeah the brain drain problem is always gonna be there to some extent. But eventually education leads to innovation. And with innovation comes prosperity. And countries with greater levels of prosperity tend to do better at retaining talent.
Jerry L. Tran
inefficiency in organisations including Govt. and private
Helping spread the population back to rural areas. We need more micro-cities that blend & live harmoniously with nature.
Prerak Trivedi
@gabe__perez : Density is dangerous in many ways. Let me know if you are working on this and if I can be of any help.
Dimitris Karavias
Energy, I think it's the source of most human problems
Johannes J
@dkaravias I guess you have to be more specific - do you mean fighting over natural resources?
Dimitris Karavias
@j1j8 I mean that most challenges we face arise from the need for more energy. If we had abundant energy (imagine a safe, clean source providing practically infinite energy - like a mini sun here on earth) then the following will be resolved: Wars: Obviously wars for oil end, but also wars for other natural resources. The anticipated water wars won't happen if we can clean/desalinate as much as we like (these are too energy intensive now). Climate change, pollution, health problems caused by the modern urban environment. Hunger: Addressable if you can transport food easily in a crisis (transport is an energy problem as much as it is logistical). You can grow more food when farmers aren't dependent on scarce fuel for their machines so crisis become less likely in the first place (especially when the environment isn't getting destroyed from fossil fuel). Energy also helps you store it in better conditions for longer and cook/process food. Health: Apart from pollution-related health issues: In developing countries hospitals rely on their own expensive backup generators since the grid is unstable. Transporting medicine and patients is difficult. All these are dependent on energy. Education: With peace, food, transport solved children can spend more time at school. Kids in Africa don't need to walk 4 hours a day since more energy enables more schools to be built and cheaper transport. More people educated -> more brains solving the rest of our problems. And the list goes on. Most of these issues aren't going to be 100% solved, but I believe enough tipping points would be reached, and enough combined efficiencies realised, that life on planet earth could become amazing!