“If you could interview one person in your field, who would it be?”

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Wanted to create this thread to know about people who matter in various domains. We generally keep track of famous names in our own vertical but miss out on other domains. So this thread might help us increase our knowledge. Tell us whom you want to interview and why? Also mention the notable works they have done in their respective domains.


Well, I would love to interview 'Neil Patel'. Do I really need to tell you why? He is The guy! :D
Jeffrey Umeh
sam parr. Founder of the hustle. Would really like to know how he builds communities
Great question - I think I wouldn't take a name and instead say that I'd love to talk to founders at nascent stages of their startup because there is so much value you can get from someone who is in that stage as against someone who is looking at it in hindsight. A lot of biases come into play. So yeah early stage startup owners.