If you are in India now - how are you managing to stay focused at work?

Shachin Bharadwaj
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From trying to help friends & other people with beds, oxygen, ICUs etc... its getting difficult to stay focused.


It's been very distressing, everyone probably has someone in their circle who has been tested positive or is recovering. I try to avoid the newspaper and any sort news on the virus as much as I can.
Shachin Bharadwaj
Even I am trying to stay away from news and twitter, but then every WhatsApp groups, insta, office folks...everyone asking for help...in distress. Really sad situation :(
Santosh Panda
Struggling to focus ...mind wants to be on Twitter ...helping and amplifying people needs.
The only good thing right now is to be working with a firm that understands how difficult the situation is. We are helping each other out, filling in for who is sick and supporting co-workers who have a sick friend/family member in whatever ways we can. We've been told to take breaks for mental/physical recovery whenever needed. These are some really tough times and I feel helping each other out is the only way out.
I hope all of you have registered for vaccination, please do and motivate others to do so.. including your help and their families at home. For some of us who are fortunate enough to sit in front of computers and work while earning our bread, there are millions of those who are struggling not just with their lives but with livelihoods as well. That's my only motivation right now. To convince and help as many people as possible in my own small way. Stay safe!