If the pandemic never happened, where would you have been in life?

Siddhesh Lokare
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Pandemic changed nearly every facet of our lives upside down. It made us slow down and prepared us to expect the unexpected, personally and professionally. But the job you are doing, the startup you are running or even the life you are living, all of this was manifested by the atmosphere we were bombarded with. So, how different your life would have been if pandemic had never happened? What's your answer?


I would have gone in University. I am now in a position of no clg no university
It would be the same for me.
robiul haque
I would like Family vacations, packed movie theaters showing summer blockbusters, kids' summer camps and music festivals are all still a thing in that strange, mask-free world.
Ruben Wolff
I think it impacted my personal life way more than my professional one. I started working on my new startup corepo.org in late 2019, so I had already signed for a working-from-home type of routine. I would have probably met my co-workers way more to discuss things with them, instead of doing back-to-back zoom sessions every damned day
Siddhesh Lokare
@rubenwolff I wish this happens with you as soon as possible. Social interaction is spiritually and professionally essential. Wish for the best!
Gianfranco Belmonte
I was in a good job and had completed my university studies.
Md. Ekram Hossan
I will be graduate and grab a job and complete my marriage.
Side Hustle Swipe
Basically the same place as I was already working remotely.