Ideas for Productivity!🔥 🚴‍♂️

Samir Rashed
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How do you make yourself productive? Share your thoughts👇


Samir Rashed
For me, I divide the daily tasks into small and actions 😁
Work on things you enjoy doing - try and use others for the things you don't
Iris Park
Exercise and create an Action Master dashboard. There's a Korean YouTuber who made one. Copied hers, and modified it to my taste. Helped a lot.
Adi Bhatnagar
Writing, journaling as well as clearing the mind through creative tools or frameworks. Mindmap is one (I use RealtimeBoard 2.0 (Miro since 2019)). Tagging @dafnihnd for productivity ideas. 🚀
Dafni Chontou
@adityabhatnagar12 @samir_soliman Thanks for tagging me, Aditya! Love the idea of clearing the mind with creative tools. For me, it comes down to thinking ahead what’s the most important thing to get done and committing to that - while striking a good balance between discipline, flexibility, and being kind to yourself if some stuff fell through the cracks :) What helps me along the way is time-boxing my calendar, 1-2 days/ week of no meetings, a good to-do list - great inspiration for mine was this one: @samir_soliman If you’re looking for reading resources: my favorite book on productivity is Make Time and a great newsletter is Beyond Productivity on substack:
Bertha Kgokong
Being busy, I am most productive when I have a lot of things on my place and least productive when I have few things to do.
By breaking my tasks into blocks according to my "productivity phases", so to speak. Any meetings with creatives & brainstorming is done in the morning, while all routine tasks and misc calls/meetings are left for the afternoon when my brain function starts dropping considerably.
Finian Carey
Fo me it is mainly working standing up a couple of times throughout the day - keeps me focused and relaxes my back as well. Interesting enough this is also backed by science:
Write a daily list of tasks, meditate for 10 minutes to recharge, turn off notifications on my phone