I want to make some money on the side, what would be the best way to do it?

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I'm trying to make some money and I am super experienced with photoshop and video editing. I really need some help and it would be cool to find out what other people did?


John Delavera
Create a newsletter, preferably on weekly basis and write, talk about what you're doing each week on what you love doing, ie in your case photoshop and video editing. You just need an autoresponder, and 1 page with your subscription form. When you reach 5K subscribers you will have a good list to promote products as an affiliate. Then you can create products and leverage your efforts.
John Delavera
@faberge how long have you been trying? I saw results after my 100th weekly issue :D
Begüm Bayram
There are lots of freelance websites I forgot the names right now. You should give a try. Or maybe with a few effort you can reach mostly amateur Youtubers and offer them to edit their videos and photos. It will be a long proccess but might worth to try.
Maybe freelancing? It's common and fashionable now
Alex Pavlyuk
I had a similar situation once. I lost my job during the quarantine and thought it was a great opportunity to change careers. But I had no money and didn't know what to do. Then I took out a small loan https://payday-loans-usa-online...., paid for the courses, and went to study to be a tester. I am working now, and I am very glad that I made up my mind at that time. My point is, maybe you're ready to train someone?
Amanda Trincher
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morgo port
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Ida Dalton
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