I want to found Sherpa, a market research company for startups - FEEDBACK NEEDED

Nicolas Eberle
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Sherpa's mission is to help people find the right answers. It would support startups and entrepreneurs in getting into consumers minds and hearts. We would set up studies from start to end to uncover deep consumer insights to help validate business ideas or uncover new opportunities. I'm a consumer insights manager in FMCG an but my passion for startups has led me to consider starting this new business today. How do you feel about it? If you feel you could be interested, vote on the poll below!. Or if you have some thoughts on consumer research or would like to know more, drop a comment!!


Tyler Dane
I'd want to know a lot more about how this would work before signing up. What does 'set up studies' mean? What can your service do that I can't on my own?