I wanna hear your product marketing story

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I would love to know your successes, failures or both stories when you marketed your product or startup; what worked for you and what did not?


Dimitris Karavias
I've been marketing and "marketing" as we build in public for a couple months now. Biggest source of success: Building relations with potential users. I've made personal connections that became enthusiastic subscribers and (hopefully) users. Biggest failure: Trying to say too much. We have a grand vision for Schema and wanted to fit it in one line. The result was unclear, generic text that got nobody excited. We are clarifying it by only describing our initial offering. Biggest lesson: You've heard it before. You need to personally hire your first 100 users.
@dkaravias Thank you Dimitris for your feedback. I 100% relate to the part about trying to fit everything, the whole schema, in one line. I have struggled with that. Also thank you for the lesson😊
Bruno Domingues
Failure was mainly not knowing what "enterprise level" meant when I first started building my product back in 2017. Only in 2019 got that nailed but still took over 1 year to add the features needed to make it a no-brainer. I agree with Dimitris, the first few dozens of users we have to personally "hire" them. Demos and onboardings. We did our first 2 live group demos on zoom this week and got 4 new clients from those, from 5 attendees. That allows us to bring more people in while maintaining personalization. For onboarding we're also moving towards doing group onboarding calls instead of 1 on 1 as my calendar got nearly fully of onboarding calls (good problem to have). A lot of automations need to be done which I wish I had done them to start with long ago: - Slack channels for Support Requests / Training Requests, etc - Full subscription management functionalities - Better automation on invoicing - All the KPI's popping on the dashboard End of the day what worked: - Listen to the users and build the features they dream about - Help every user get value as much as possible from day 1 - Have a clear roadmap based on what the users want - Revenue sharing partnership with 2 companies that have the strenghts I don't have
@bruno_domingues thank you Bruno for the detailed feedback, i sure got a lot of insight from your experience. What I gathered so far, specially, from yours and Dimitris' is that you have to personally "hire" your first customers.
Pieter Limburg
For me it's all about "strategic fit". Marketing the right product, to the right people, using the right channel. Find the key to this and success is on the way. Experiment, try, improve, tweak and try again. Ask your customers, discuss with the team, ask a friend! All great ways to figure out what your formula needs to be. Once you have one of these funnels working, on to the next! This might sound like an open door. Try and see how many get this wrong, and how cool it is to see somebody just nail it.
Brian shmith Rodriguez
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