I think I messed up

Lee Grey
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I'm new to Product Hunt, and I'm not really sure how it all works. I just created a post for my product a short while ago. And now I see there are 3 hours, 59 minutes left in my Launch Day. Does that mean my launch is going to start and end late at night when no one is looking? Is there anything I can do to unlaunch/relaunch so I can get something closer to a full day? (The product is awesome.) Thanks, Lee P.S. Don't want to step on any toes. Is it okay for me to post my product here?


Lee Grey
I guess I joined PH through a Chrome plugin five years ago, but I obviously didn't learn anything about it. :-D
Hey @greymatter your post is on the homepage. Our website works as per the pacific timings and most of the posts are scheduled for mid-night release so as to get maximum possible coverage on the platform. Our community is truly global in nature, and though it is midnight in many parts of the USA, rest of the world is wide awake and engaging with the products. I've also updated the thumbnail for your post so it looks more appealing :) Have a great day ahead 🌞
Lee Grey
@adityavsc Thank you. I was afraid my listing was going to disappear at midnight PDT last night, shortly after I had posted it. Thanks for the additional 24 hours. :-) And the tweak to my thumbnail!