I own a Twitter Marketing Agency. AMA

Keshav Mahajan
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I have helped multiple founders/entrepreneurs to build an engaged audience on Twitter. Tell me your doubts & I'll try to solve them here


Kaushal Gajjar
Best Twitter Scheduling Tool available Free or in LTD?
Keshav Mahajan
@kaushal_im Typefully is a good free app. I use Hypefury tho, Comes with a cool discount for Indians.
Nick Freiling
What's the biggest mistake people make when trying to grow their audience on Twitter?
Keshav Mahajan
@nickfreiling Great question. Here are a few: 1. The purpose behind growth is not clearly defined. 2. People don’t network & engage. Biggest mistake. 3. People are not authentic. They post copy paste stuff instead of adding value.
Rosie Sherry
What does a Twitter Marketing Agency do? What's your biggest success? What's your average success? How do you price it?
Keshav Mahajan
@rosiesherry Wow! Great questions Rosie. Let me answer them for you 1. My agency helps SaaS founders to build their personal brand & establish their authority on Twitter. Essentially it is done by creating personalised content (Tweets & Threads) for them. 2. My best success till date is when I took an entrepreneur from 580 to 7200 followers in just 3 months. She also got 1500 signups on her email list in the process & made almost $10k (2X the investment) in the meantime. 3. An average success for my agency would look like 1000 followers , 200 email list signups & 50 SaaS signups per month. 4. The pricing is subjective on the basis of needs of the person. It ranges from $1.5k-$3.5k/month tho. Hope this answers your questions.