I need to learn NodeJS fast - I know HTML, CSS, PHP

Mayur Jobanputra
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Hey everyone. I'm a Product/Marketing founder and I recently hired a back-end Dev. Finding Eng is hard, so I have decided to learn NodeJS quickly over the next 2 weeks. What's your recommendation for learning quickly? I have a lot of experience with HTML, CSS, some JS, PHP. I'm an advanced WP user and well versed with tech (20+ years).


Rene-Andre Yebakima
Hi Mayur, I would first suggest to get a fresh look into the broad range of back-end possibilities. I found https://roadmap.sh/backend to be a great overview. Regarding NodeJS in particular, I would suggest to: - get an initial target output (e.g. a small API or a small website that you want to build) - get a mix of YouTube videos / free online classes / free online resources (in order to quickly try out a variety of learning styles) - BUILD your initial project as quickly as possible :) that's ultimately how you will get to grips with it. Best of luck! Rene-Andre
Kirman Smith
As technology changes at a rapid pace, developers are shifting to using new technologies and adopting better frameworks for their web development needs. Node.js is hugely popular with developers who love to use JavaScript to develop applications. Here https://keenethics.com/blog/comp... you can read all the information about it and to learn a plenty of new things.