I'm working around 100 hours a week. I need time management advice.

Scott Steven
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Hello, all. I just decided to calculate how much I work per week, and the results are insane. I am a 19F college student, taking 17 credit hours this semesters. I launched a pre-professional dance studio almost a year ago, which is consuming a lot of my time. I'm looking at a new location for us to move into this week, which means I'll have to spend a lot of time at the studio for buildout. Take a look at my approximate weekly hours below: 42-48 Hours | Teaching, Arriving Early + Late Parents, Drive Time, Lesson Plans 25-34 Hours | Studying + Assignments (17 credit hours at 2 hours per credit hour) 12-18 Hours | Studio Upkeep (company team, invoices, inquiries, emails, new student registrations, new location, social media, marketing, etc.) My typical schedule is wake up at 7:30, start school around 8:00am. Finish my homework until I leave to teach around 3:00pm, get home between 8:00pm and 9:00pm from the studio. When I get home, I'll finish any assignments due that night (I'll usually finish around 10 or 11). That's my schedule Monday through Friday. On most Saturdays, I'm in the studio from 10:00am until 6:30pm. Sometimes I get Sunday off, but usually I have homework due that I finish in the morning. Today I spent about 8 hours on homework, so it fluctuates. I don't know what exactly I'm looking for here, I think just advice or time management suggestions. Any tips on how I can implement better systems, whether that's school or studio management, to get tasks done quicker/more efficiently? I normally manage well, but I'm wearing myself thin. I only get to see my family and friends on three evenings out of the week (normally for 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes), and on Sunday when I don't have homework.


Raitis Velps
Hey Scott, That truly is some intense schedule. I see that there are some tasks you can automate or hire a remote assistant to deal with. I think that we sometimes fall into this trap of doing everything ourselves although most of the times delegating tasks that can be taken care by another person can allow you to make time for what truly matter and focus on bigger tasks.