I'm building in public now

Derek Duban
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I've worked on my main project solo for about 10 years and all the issues with that are becoming to clearer to me. I think building in public might help with getting feedback. Also, I have a sick addiction to making things and I sometimes get off the garden path making something total unrelated to what I should be doing. Accountability and routine public updates might help with that. It'll be nice to have a public to bounce ideas off of. I'm hoping it'll be like having a co-worker. Twitter https://twitter.com/SCLanguage Some background https://canvaslanguage.com/history (wow, I just proof-read this, and realized how maker focused it is instead of startup focused).


Exciting. looking forward to it!
Daniel Obiokeke
Derek. This is a great start. How's it going? I'll be looking out for you on Twitter from today with my notifications on.
Derek Duban
@daniel_obiokeke I think you're my first non-bot follower since I started this. Hooray! But as far as how it's going... Yesterday I put my project online as a SaaS so you'll be seeing my Twitter explode with posts on no-code/low-code solutions coming from it.