I finally decided to build the product. I'm using a Wordpress theme. Got tips?

Marietta Iyinbor
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So after 3 months of just talking about it with people/strangers and getting the validation i needed, i finally decided to ahead and build Pick A Brain (outschool but for grown-ups with 1-on-1 coaching). I purchased the domain name today, the next thing I need to do is get a hosting platform. I'm having troubles deciding between siteground or bluehost. Also wanted to say I have no tech skills whatsoever so this is going to be a very interesting project I am embarking on.


Kit Fach
Hi Marietta, Are you trying to build sort of an online course? If so I would almost recommend using teachable to host your school on. I've helped people build custom online schools on their WordPress websites before and we always ended up switching back to teachable or some other online course platform. We would use our domain for content marketing and blogging to build organic traffic and attract students, but the actual course would be on teachable. WordPress is incredibly frustrating, and while it's certainly easier than trying to code one yourself, and offers a lot of customization this can often lead to a lot of frustration, especially for people new to web building. I used WordPress for forever, but I got so frustrated I joined a team making more of a ready out-of-the-box website builder for content marketing, so I'm a little biased against WordPress at the moment. For hosting both are going to give you about the same value, though some people have told me that Siteground customer support is really great. (Not sure if it still is). Eventually depending on how deep you want to go on technical SEO you should upgrade to cloud hosting there's a great case study on its affect on-page ranking. (https://www.rebootonline.com/blo...) Website building can be frustrating for no good reason, so if you want any more info or tips let me know!
Marietta Iyinbor
@kit_fach uhm, no not an online course but an Outschool marketplace alternative. If you know where I can get a wordpress Outschool/Teachmint marketplace theme, that would be most helpful
Paul Red
@kit_fach @aita_iyinbor if it is a marketplace, it guess you need to investigate Woocommrce based themes.
Joanna Kurylo
Hey! I recommend trying TypeDream if you have no tech skills. They launched on product hunt as well!
John McCray
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Paul Red
I liked the simplicity of Digital Ocean for initial WordPress hosting. They have 3 or 6 month for free. After that it is $5/month. If you want to go this way, i have a referral link somewhere for discount. AWS/Bitnami WordPress solution could be free of charge for a year, but it is a bit more complicated to setup. I think that most of the time you need to reserve for setting up woocommerce or other ecommerce solution for wordpress. After many hours on setting/supporting website hosting and ecommerce I understand why many people pay $25/month to Shopify for ecommerce solution. You can save some time. Looking forward to see your product!
andrew sam
Hi Marietta, Hope you are doing well from my personal opinion i wana discuss some important points with you 1. Use best and most useable hosting and domain like you are saying which is best Siteground or bluehost from my opinion (SiteGround is a better alternative than Bluehost as their shared hosting comes with better support, higher performance and advanced options (e.g. staging). Bluehost can't match SiteGround's WordPress expertise and features either. At renewal both providers have similar prices) 2. After set up you have to decide about best theme because speed is a key to boost up your website for themes i suggest use ( Generate press like this https://dogsandcatslove.com/what... ) a best and lite weight theme for your website. 3. Do not use too much plugins because to much plugins will slow your website speed 4. After setup all the things use WP Rocket to boost up speed of your website this is best plug in trust me Hope these things will help you now and always. Thanks Regards Andrew sam