I created this landing page in 48 hours and I cannot be any prouder!!!

Siddhesh Lokare
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Being an ex-programmer, I thought I have lost the touch on scripting and programming languages but I guess I HAVE NOT! Would love to hear your feedback : https://wyloapp.com/


John Delavera
Good one! Do you offer freelancing?
Siddhesh Lokare
@john_delavera Hey thanks mate! Currently nope as I am working on a startup :D
Love it! ... only feedback i got is the link areas being weird. Sometimes my cursor changes shapes inside the button, sometimes outside ... which is a bit confusing to me. Other than that looks great to me!
Siddhesh Lokare
@nidal_ghonaim Thanks for the feedback! Let me look into this and resolve right away!
Miri Blayckher
Great job! Could you explain the idea a bit more?
Siddhesh Lokare
@miri_blayckher Sure. Well consider Wylo as an universal school where you can find different classrooms/communities with different interests. In these classrooms, you can find user generated content, avail news/blogs/articles and also get free resources/tools for fueling your interests. Every week, a guest speaker comes to educate you and answer all of your questions related to your field and you can stay connected with that expert for further guidance. The major difference is.. you have full authority of filtering what content you want to see and eradicate irrelevant content and people in a highly personalized manner. In a nutshell, It's professional, spam free and highly curated social networking platform!
Jason Cavness
@siddhesh_lokare1 I like this a lot. Great work by you and your team.
Manish Rawat
quality work, nice to know u still got it
Cassia Trusty
Great job! There's nothing like getting back into the swing of things after a long time of mot actively programming. This is a pretty good landing page, especially in 48 hours.
Siddhesh Lokare
@ctrusttea Thanks a lot Cassia! Yes, I feel confident about continuing with this. Appreciate your good words.
Natalie Karakina
Good job! Easy to understand key app features from your landing :)
This looks really well done. Good luck with the product Siddhesh.
Sarwar Alam
great idea, could u explain more
Siddhesh Lokare
@sarwar_alam Imagine a place where you can watch content, meet people. discover news/resources and absorb wisdom from industry experts, everything related to your interest. It can be startups or NFT or music, whatever your passion is, you'll be able to explore it in an organized and integrated way. To summarize, Wylo is an interest-based social networking platform with 130+ communities, which is all about like-minded networking and content discovery.
Well done. This is an extremely beautiful landing page. Your footer is 2 years outdated though! What t ools did you use to build this?
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This is really great! You should write up a post about how you approached it and were able to do it in only 48 hours! great work!