I built a tool for saas startup founders to do better primary market research

Junior Owolabi
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Problem My company helps startups founders do primary market research more efficiently and in a less challenging way, so they can gauge if their product/feature/enhancement will fulfil the needs of their target/existing customers. Solution My company provides a web tool to: Help startups founders directly interact with their customers (learn what is necessary to prioritise or scrap their problem/solution hypothesis). The tool helps them aggregate their findings (so they can Quantify and Qualify these findings, seeing if the problem they are tackling existing, is important or if the findings show another set of pain points that their customers actually value). Interactive demos of the potential solution can be quickly created and provided to existing/potential customers so they can experience for themselves if the solution benefits them (it will help validate if the solution is right or wrong and what needs to be improved without spending time/money building out an actual product).
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