I believe more information is needed before job interview for both sides. Need feedback 👂

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I think too little information is opened in job market. If 5 people strongly agree on this idea, I will go make a solution. *More information needed from candidate* - personal strength and weakness - frank review from colleagues - What I want (i.e. lead new product, lead position, fintech industry) *More information needed from employer* - with whom I would work with - culture review from employees These are the lists of information I believe I need. Do you agree on this? I need an opinion/feedback


Angi Bowman
CRO Manager @ Lucky Orange 🍊
I like the general idea, but for me it is unnecessary. **From the candidate, I don't think any of this information is needed before the interview. Build out a strong LinkedIn page and have a solid resume that showcase your strengths. As for what the candidate wants, I'm not a fan. While it's good for someone to have lofty goals and aspirations, what they want from this position isn't typically relevant to the interview process. I don't mind the strengths and weaknesses question in an interview, but that's because you have time to explain how you then maximize opportunities with both. **From the employer, again this can be found elsewhere. The culture review can be found on Glassdoor, and the company should be encouraging their staff to leave honest Glassdoor reviews on a regular basis with no threat of retaliation. However, I don't think it's a good idea to even suggest providing the names of potential future coworkers. If the team members aren't already listed on the company's website, you can usually find them on LinkedIn. Beyond that, it wouldn't be something a company typically would be comfortable handing out to candidates.
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@lucky__angi Wow thanks for your kind feedback. It really helped!