I applied to YC and then the wait?

Tolulade Ademisoye
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What was it like when you first applied to YC and receiving the offer? Sacrificing is what most founders do when starting out -building a company. What's is like when you believe so much in your product, market, however, it needs a little breathe for it to catapult into the next level? I'm so much in love with YC and what they stand for, can't believe i refresh my emails waiting to my first interview email, lol. It's an experience what telling, my startup is solving a problem - anomaly detection for companies. I recall sometime post facebook era, i wanted to build a facebook chat-like version for businesses, then came SLACK, Trello etc....we couldn't lift the product up then. I knew there was a market for it which has been proved right. This time around, am building another interesting product that will help businesses accelerate decision making process without the need for ML engineers. Crazy right? we are automating AI. I just thought to pour out my heart here, keep building. What's your experience like?
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