I am very interested in your opinionπŸ”"A first contact by email with a potential client / partner"πŸ’‘

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Whether you are the sender or the receiver? (I thank in advance all those who will read to the end πŸ™πŸΌ and even more those who will answer πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ) Usually, this email serves as a preparation before the first contact (call or meeting). On PH πŸ’ͺ we have the chance to be a community coming from various horizons: technical, professional, cultural...🌍 And I am sincerely interested in your opinion. I know there are many schools, theories, evidence and visions. So I have a few questions that I will share with you below: (Do not hesitate to specify if you have a sending, receiving or both vision.) There is a multiple choice problem so please only vote on the first 2 For the second part, give your opinion in comments THX 2nd par : Do you reply to a 1st mail without a greeting ? (no : Dear, best regards .....) "Ex : Hi xxx, blablaba, Fares@xxx"


Bernadette Cau
Curious to see the results of this poll in a week.
@bernadette_cau Me too! What is your opinion on the subject? Are you more a sender or a receiver in this problem?
Benjamin Arne
Can't reply to both questions in the poll so here are my answers : I prefer a detailed email with personalized reasons of the contact than just a very short generic email. By "detailed" I mean approximately 10 lines, 15 maximum. For the greeting, I do personally care about greeting in introduction. A "hello" is the minimum for me, but I don't care much about greeting at the end. However I can't see myself sending an email without greeting!
Anthony Mark
Yes, I prefer precise and to-the-point emails, and I reply to the first email formally.
Giuseppe Di Nuccio
And I reply to a 1st email with greetings ;). Because, it costs nothing :)
Camille Lesaichot
Yes short description to know for what reasons I am solicited. Then, having the choice to get in touch if I'm interested with tool like https://calendly.com/ where I can schedule a meeting myself.
Katya Veremeichik
What's the problem with greeting people anyway? I mean, you do say hi to anyone you meet in person, why should email be any different? IMHO It's just so easy to say hi that it's not worth debating whether or not we should do it:)
AS Sarwari
E-commerce specialist Thank You
Rucha Joshi
I reply to the email with a greeting