Hybrid networking - how can we make it better?

Oliver Waters
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Hi everyone! 👋 We just dropped Orbit Connect today and alongside the launch I wanted to get your opinions of what would make the ideal networking experience for you in the hybrid world of events and community? A few things we focussed on with our approach: - No app required — web based experience for speed and ease with onboarding. - Minimal onboarding — capture the critical information on sign-up, everything else can wait till later. - Profiles with personality — prompts (we call 'Signals' and 'Sparks') to express more than your job title and spark meaningful connections. - Setup in seconds — event organisers are busy people with many things to manage so a quick and easy experience was key. - Keep it simple — we've done our best to avoid over engineering a simple interaction. If you want to discover and connect with some fellow Product Hunters, then you can join our networking space and experience it for yourself: Join 'Product Hunters' on Orbit Connect. If you have any feedback, we'd love to hear it! Drop us a comment on the product page or below!
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