How you do marketing of your Saas product?

Binal Savani IW
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Talia Bender
Hi Binal! We have started out with a sizeable open source community, which has translated into loyal and enthusiastic users from the start. All of our growth has been organic in the form of posting technical and useful content across channels targeted toward this audience. Other than this, we have partnered with other companies in the space to publish blogs, host Clubhouse talks, and do interviews. Leading up to the launch of our MVP, we will generate more video content and push this across our SM channels. Hope this helps!
Taseen Tanvir
First, gather a couple of potential users to validate your ideas. Later they can help you to do a soft launch of the product (beta release) as they will work like your testimonials. And finally, during the hard launch, they will help you to spread the word. Other than that, use platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Hacker Noon, Medium, Quora to market your saas. (also you can use your own blog or youtube channel).
Gary Ramirez
we rely heavily on content marketing and social media to reach our target audience. We also prioritize building a strong brand identity and voice that resonates with our ideal customer. Our goal is to create a community of advocates who are excited to share our product with others.
Jane Alexander
Our SaaS product marketing strategy is centered around creating an exceptional customer experience that inspires loyalty and referrals. We invest heavily in customer success initiatives, such as onboarding and support, and leverage customer feedback to continuously improve our product and messaging.
Catherine Griffin
We use a data-driven marketing approach for our SaaS product that includes A/B testing, analytics, and customer segmentation. This allows us to create targeted campaigns that resonate with our audience and drive conversions. Additionally, we invest in thought leadership content to position ourselves as a trusted authority in our industry.
Michelle Sanchez
Our marketing approach for our SaaS product involves a combination of inbound and outbound strategies, including SEO, PPC advertising, social media, and email marketing. We also prioritize building relationships with influencers and industry experts to increase our brand visibility and credibility.