How would you promote a product survey ?

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Hi there, To think further about a product I am working on (, I recently released a small website handling a custom survey. But now, I reached all my friends and family, I am struggling on promoting it to gather more "real users" feedbacks. All websites I know for promoting products only accept released products (including ProductHunt) and I am currently in a dead end regarding the promotion of this survey website. I thought at start about Twitter or Reddit ads, but they also both only accept promoting real products. I do need some solid intels about this subject, because I really want to put users feedbacks in the first early stage of my roadmap, to help me build something by targeted users for the targeted users.


Miriam Dorsett
You can try, if your committed to building over time, Twitter, use your social media. Ask people to take it OR to share it. Join Founder communities. Reddit you can post survey links...without ads.
Begüm Bayram
you can hang in websites-platforms where your audience hang, make some content and collect network of users. Then ask their oppinions and ask to share with their friends
Because you are in the gaming space, why not approach gamers on youtube? drop comments linking to your product or something..
You could also find influencer videos and try to drop in your url in the comments. Or while answering someone in those comments. This gave us some 10-15 testers. To be honest I find Reddit incredibly hard to enter and entrenched community. Also I am surprised no-one suggested good old LinkedIn. And sending emails to get people to test.
George Boutsalis
I try my best not to self promote, but my startup can definitely help. We just launched a new social voting app called Cast. A social network that leverages polls and crowd sourcing right at your fingertips. has the Android and iOS download links. Happy to chat further if you have any questions.