How will you define your work in 5 words?

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I'll go first. "Creating content that adds value."


Paul Hart
Solving Zoom fatigue. (Probably the easiest way we can hook you a lil 😉)
Théo Champion
Bringing Memes to the masses
fred putin
Smart Work & fast work
John Torjo
CREATIVE. FAST. SIMPLE. Video Editing -- my motto :D
Tom Shwa
Making product hunting easier
Sasha S
Building secure solutions for everyone
A reclusive operator of ideas.
Alok Gangrade
helping startup to discover online
Elizabeth Knittel
Helping women find their glow from the inside out
Ib sylla ☝😎
Executing product roadmap under pressure.
René Hartwig
digitalizing the construction industry
ayberk bozkus
Finding a problem to solve
sulyman moyo
Making NFT Discovery and promotion easier and free of hassle
Eivind Håverstad
Help create better feedback loops
Fu Fei
"Figuring out what to build"
Shiva Prabhakaran
Research and Publish Profitable Ideas.
Rick Turoczy
Connecting dots, especially non-obvious ones Did I cheat with the hyphen? 😂
Eugene Hauptmann
1. Enabling founders with tech. 2. Enabling engineers' growth to become better leaders.
Fancy Acrobat
Giving hope to kids from disadvantage backgrounds