How will AI change our work space?

Sebastian Britz
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I think that AI will bring great added value to our work experience and it already does. Wherever people can be supported with the help of AI and thus have more time for more creative tasks or no longer have to worry about the boring, repetitive tasks in their jobs, people are given more freedom again to dedicate to what they are really good at and what they enjoy. When it comes to artificial intelligence, we certainly have to exchange ideas about topics such as AI ethics etc. in order to take into account the consequences of the use of AI. What's your take?


Hopefully the coffee machine will know when I'm in need of a coffee by monitoring my caffeine levels via my Apple Watch - then make automatically - and the right one depending on what my mood is - known because of my sleep pattern, exercise routine and music I'm playing via spotify. Of course this is all underpinned by using the beans ordered via an automated coffee supply app - taking into account my coffee buying habits and tastes online.
Sebastian Britz
@maxwellcdavis Yes, seems like this is going to be reality in the near future. It is going to be a huge part of our lifestyle and also influence a lot of changes in behaviour.
DaFun Study
I would not like to use AI to make crucial decisions- but most routine, manual jobs can be taken care of by AI. For example, I can use AI to read a 100-page report a provide me with a summary. Automate the task of assistant- replying emails, booking appointments, be my face for new visitors, and so on. Additionally, as Maxwell suggested, AI can help in leading healthy lifestyles- it can tell me when to take a break, how much and based on my past behavior and health conditions, recommend the type of break, the food, etc.
Sebastian Britz
@dafun_study Agree! The automation of tasks and mundane routine jobs is definitely something AI can and must take up to free up time for individuals and their creativity.
Andrii Kpyto
@dafun_study I'm agree with you, it can be usable for online meetings too as well for summaries