How we went from 200 to 2000 users in a week! - AMA

Linda Miles
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Hi, So our journey so far has been rocky at best. We launched back in May 2021, hoping to get a ton of traffic instantly =) Of course, that did not happen! Our current Project Management tools include: Unlimited Video Conferencing / Recording / Live Streaming Unlimited Boards ( Kanban style ) Unlimited Sketch ( aka Whiteboard ) Unlimited Pages ( documentation, newsletters, notes, etc... ) In spite of offering a free and a very affordable (pro plan) real-time collab solution we did not see a huge rise in paid signups. But we did get lots of feedback.. and we listened. Turns out many customers were paying an extra $15 /user /month to Calendly to have their meetings scheduled...which was costing them an extra $50-$100/month. So we got to work, and within a week we released a beta version of our scheduling service. We released it to a selected beta testers, chosen from our existing customer pool, to iron out any bugs. A few days after we rolled it out app-wide. The customer response has been incredible. We did not even have to do any marketing for it as our existing customers did the job for us... if that makes sense. So, within the first week of the feature release we went from an avg of 200 active users to a little over 2000 active users ( many of whom ended up being paid customers )!!! I am realizing as I am writing this article that the true moral of the story is to always listen to your customers. Whether you have 1 or 1000 customers, everyone one of them needs your attention! Here are a couple of guides we published to explain the scheduling feature when we released it.


Linda, thanks for sharing, very insightful indeed ! and certainly when you have an established client base, you can have a quick feedback and turn a new feature around quickly to accommodate! and to grow your end users based on the existing clients :) many business struggle because they start from scratch and it is very hard to get: 1/ Beta tester to go through the product / feedback unless you build alliance and partnership with other vertical business 2/ Gather enough data and information to change/modify features which cost them time/money unless you go for MVP1 lean and then fund the changes with the budget you set for the soft launch ! 3/ Spend time and money to be visible to end user on various platforms , which makes them slow to turn a small number of beta tester to an audience and them clients ! unless you can afford to pay for Growth marketer and community manager to build it up for over 6 months consistently and with added value to your offer ( people are savvy so we want to see value) Hope this helps ! Good luck
Linda Miles
@yasminak Yes this is exactly right! We do not really have deep pockets to spend on marketing so this was just something that I had always been hearing about.. listen to your customers :)
This is a really great result.