How We Ranked #1 on Product Hunt, and What We Gained Past the Title

Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
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Hi! We launched Amy two weeks ago, here on Product Hunt, and it ended up as the #1 Product of the Day! It would not have been possible without the amazing people in this community, who were always willing to help, exchange ideas, and provide feedback. We felt we had to pay it forward by writing a guide that explains what we did each step of the way: I hope you find it helpful!


Connor Jewiss
Great, thanks for sharing this. Have been looking forward to reading it!
Wiktoria Jaszcza
Thank you, congrats :)
Hussain Effendi
Wohooooo!!! Congratulations and Thank you so much for the guide. You guys are truly amazing :)
Ng Fang Kiang
Thanks for sharing and congratulations!
Nikola Nova
This is very helpful, thank you for sharing.
Bertha Kgokong
Well done on making it to number 1, you deserved it.
Misha Krunic
Congratulations on the launch and thanks for sharing the insights!
Irina Heinz
@lior_galante_cohen Thanks for sharing! I'll add it to my collection of launch tips 🤓
Thanks for sharing that! 👍 I will be launching my app on PH soon, so your post is fantastic as I try and gather every bit of information to do it the right way 😊
Satyendra Sahani
The doc was really nice. I am planning my launch of for march 2nd week. I am sure this doc will help me. Thanks for sharing here.
Jonathan Massabni
Great read! Thanks for sharing, and congrats again to team Amy :)
Alex Harris
Last week a long term dream for Adadot materialised, achieving #1 Product of the day on Product Hunt! 😺 It had some amazing effects: 🔥So much traffic that the 3rd party product analytics supplier notified us that we had surpassed the 1000 sessions and they would have to stop tracking 💪We discovered new ways of working together and our best productivity hack yet, drop in sessions! 🚀Received detailed feedback from the community which will take our product to the next level
Aurora Maggio
Thanks! and congrats :)