How to you use user feedback to improve your products?

Anthony Dito
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Hi all, I was thinking about building a service to maximize the usefulness of user feedback that comes from multiple sources (app store reviews, customer support requests, email, etc.). What I have found at big tech and with my own apps, is that user feedback is the most important source of information to figure out if something is broken and learning about how to improve the product. The service that I am thinking about building would ingest user feedback from multiple sources and then analyze it to provide useful information. This useful information would include anomaly alerts if certain types of user feedback increase substantially and the ability to track trends in certain types of user feedback over time as the project changes. My question for you all is: What kind of insights do you derive today from your user feedback channels and what challenges do you have in deriving these insights.


Kritika Oberoi
Are you thinking of something like Clarabridge?