How to successfully launch your product on PH ?

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Hi 👋 I made 3 product and launch them on PH, each time i tried different approach to make it -works-. What make a good launch on PH ? Did you get customers from PH ? Share your ideas, your project and let's help each other


Pablo Fatas
Mahyad, our CEO, at SigmaOS who launched in August ( made a great blog about this. It is essentially a step by step guide of all the things we did to have a successfull launch. If you have some time to read it I think it is a great resource.
Pablo Fatas
@ml_online It was mostly me and him working on it. So if you have any questions or even specific things you want feedback for for your launch let me know :)
Pablo Fatas
@ml_online Amazing. if you have any issues or questions SigmaOS related, make sure to hope over to our community and you can DM me there directly :)
Sergio Zaciu
@pablo_fatas Pablo is there a way to set up a Zoom call with you? I'd love to pick your brain about your PH launch!
Fabian Maume
So first point: you need to define what success means? Do you want to reach the top 5 and earn a badge? Do you want to boost your traction and get a do-follow link (for this top 20 is enough)? If the 2nd option is good enough for you, I would recommend going for a no-frill launch: