How to start creating an engaging community?

Fabiola Arroyo
8 replies
I'm thinking about starting an art community, I'd like to know if you have some tips about how to start!


Greg Ludvickson
Search out like minded people and message them directly? Start small and work your way up? Honestly not sure when it comes to art. What kind of art are you thinking?
Amara Pope
I did fine arts in university and I found an engaging way is joining groups/ events before starting my own online to build relationships with people that have common interests with me before attempting to establish my own events.
Kira Leigh
This is going to sound bonkers, but LinkedIn. That's the ace up my sleeve. LinkedIn. Make connections with other artists on, yes, LinkedIn. Talk to everybody. Share your artwork. Use good hashtags. Tag your art-buddies. It has the most ROI/ROE for me, and all I've done is try to put my work out there and make friends. Then, figure out if you want your art community on LI, or somewhere else. You could also do the Discord route; there are plenty of art Discord groups, but you can also advertise your server on Disboard. It really depends on your end goal, but there are ways to build communities that aren't on the beaten path; you just have to be willing to find them.
Jaxson Adam
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Hwei Oh
Creating a community from scratch is going to take a lot of time and effort, so definitely worth joining some existing communities first, then you'll get to gauge what kind of discussions are happening, how active (or inactive) the communities are and to look for any obvious gaps that could be a point of difference when you consider creating your own.
BruceTheGoose | $DOWN
Community building can be difficult; but as somone who's spent the entire past year doing art full time (tho, maybe a wee bit different as I'm in cryptoart) I think artists are sooner to rally together simply based on a shared passion than most people. I'd recommend joining facebook / discord / etc. communities focused on art, and you'll find the people who fit in your tribe