How to start a reseller program for SaaS business?

Ümit Aslan
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Guide me, teach me, enlighten me :) there is an urgency :s and I dunno where to start.


Utku Uzun
I have been looking for a team to resell my software product. But I guess there isn't any network to reach them... :(
David Babins
Awesome thinking, I've been suggesting, the resellers business model in a variety of other threads re: ProductHunt makers/developers etc., but very few think about the endless opportunities moving forward expanding on the idea(s) etc... :) If you dig deep into Google, researching on the reseller opportunities, you'll find many incorporating the resellers business concept, nicely inside of their overall business models. Definitely, well worth digging into some of those particular Software startups, specialized in a variety of niche businesses, well executed into their particular business.  FYI, a few quick picks, offering those opportunities are Software businesses like Simvoly, InVideo and many others in different specialized businesses. Simply search Google and review throughout all the pages focused on particular keywords and phrases etc...