How to spread awareness that your product exists?

Chirag Desai
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How do u get people to know that you have a product they want? What's the key to initial marketing after launch ?


Allison Braund-Harris
Don't make it about your product. Talk to your market and ask what they want/need. Then, once you find out what is compelling to them, start framing your product around what matters to them. Then start running some marketing campaigns via social media or wherever your target gathers information. Collect emails and run newsletters. Rinse & Repeat.
Shiva Prabhakaran
Subreddits on Under-rated marketing channel.
Arthur Peter
@killshiva How do you leverage Reddit audience? Seems that self-promotion is not well-seen on this channel 🤔
Shiva Prabhakaran
@arthur_p I learned it the hard way. Spamming doesn't help. I started creating valuable posts with a CTA at the end of it. It also helps to have a free trial or tier when talking about products on Reddit.
@arthur_p @killshiva do u mind sharing the sub-reddit channels? Cause i tried posting "valuable" content, sometimes even curated content from say renowned sources and yet my posts get deleted :(
Shiva Prabhakaran
@arthur_p @nilova_pande My posts were deleted quite a bit too. It would largely depend on what audience you are targeting. For example; digital nomads subreddit is a lot more friendly than r/entrepreneur community. That said, there are people who will find a way to complain on Reddit irrespective of how valuable something is.
Nikolett Török
If your product already exist, that means that you've found a problem and now your offer a tool to solve this. Your communication should focus on the solution your product can offer!
Rashmi Gupta
google ad..its not expensive and not all people click but your product will show up every time someone search..its paid but totally work.
Isabel Nyo
Marketing should happen way before your product launch. Build connection, and add value to your network consistently. People don't buy any product, they buy products from those that they know, like and trust.
Building in public on Twitter is a good approach. Joining reddit too!
Jing Hu
Find advocates type of customers. If you spend time to talk to your customers, you will find a small group of people who love your product and willing to share your product with other people. Maybe try to ask them: 1. is there anyone you know might be interested in xx product? 2. can you make an introduction (if it's B2B) ... 3. thank you for liking my product! can you talk about xx product on your social media?