How to make prospecting easier when doing B2B sales online?

Dinal K.
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I'm currently using Linkedin sales navigator to see interesting companies and then reach out to the employee/s who are most likely to be my client. I'm spending a lot of time finding: 1. the right companies to target based on my criteria. 2. the right person in the company. 3. the most suitable (mutual) contact to get me an intro when it's possible. Is it normal, are there any tools or processes that I can use to make it more efficient?


Lanre Akinyemi
Sales @ Product Hunt
Hey Dinal 👋🏿 Prospecting is the most time-consuming part of sales but also the most important. Spending time chatting to the wrong people is the worst thing in sales - a time pit! Do you already have a good idea of the company type & roles that are a good fit? You can set up a filter to show you the companies that fit your criteria. I use Clearbit Connect for Gmail to get emails.
Kiran Kanakadandi (
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Indeed, I'm exactly in the same boat. It is all very time consuming and relatively low yield. I keep hearing it is a numbers game and am waiting for it to kick in at some point. How effective is it for you so long, results wise? BTW, I came across a product on PH yesterday that is promising quite a bit and am eager to try: Ernest by @stefangergely
Fabian Maume
Founder of could help. It has a better search filter than sales nav. You notably have extra filters with the tech used by the company. There are ways to automate prospection activities. I for example designed a Phantombuster template to filter out relevant contacts based on job titles. However do not use automation if: - You are just setting up your protection process and do not have a well define ideal customer profile (ICP) yet. Doing the data filtration manual will give you better feedback to improve your ICP. - You have really high ticket clients. Automation will always have a lower conversion rate than manual outreach. Automation is nice for mid-value prospects, but for high-value targets, it is advised to do everything manually.
Nikita Dutta
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I certainly understand how difficult it can be to effectively find the right prospects. This is the reason why I believe it is the ideal option to use new-age tools for prospecting. One of such service providers that I have come across is LeadMagic ( They help businesses to know their website visitors so that it is easier to engage with them and convert them into customers by sending the right message. What are the features that you will get? 1. Alerts when companies visit the website 2. Information about the pages visited by the users 3. Duration of the visit on a particular page 4. Understand the source through which they found your website 5. Custom alert for the sales team