How to maintain the 'vibe' of a social platform as it scales?

Shashwat Singhal
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We are building a platform where people can listen to music together, hangout, form organic friendships, and just be who they really are. A big tradeoff and challenge we are seeing is the age old quantity vs. quality. In scaling, we feel we are losing control over whether our exact psychographic TG is entering the platform. Our early adopters are empathetic, open and considerate music lovers. This has in turn, created a close - knit, homely vibe on our app, and people feel comfortable spending hours chatting and hanging out with each other. Even really shy people, who would not put any profile pictures or names on the internet, have all put their real pictures on our platform, and people form a lot of genuine friendships because of the overall authenticity. Now new users come in, they see these women with real identities, and spam them with dating app like behaviour. This makes our existing users really conscious, and they start using anonymous names, and abstract profiles again. The 'vibe' just does not remain the same, and this is just one example. I would love to learn from other companies that are maintaining their 'vibe' while still growing, and how they do it!


Zoya Fatima
I wanna this one. I like it.
Gleb Braverman
That's a great question. I believe if you can keep the communities in the app small, then the vibe will be there.