how to maintain pace of small traction for your SaaS product

Lalit Tyagi
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Hi Ph community, Can you help me to understand as for the SaaS-based product we got a few initial users (paid one) and getting traction.How to maintain the pace and further increase the no any idea or suggestion. Do you feel to keeping increasing the feature on initial times going to help us or just hunt for the more new user wait and build? confused right now. We have not launched on PH so far. Just getting users outside the PH for now. Suggestions & ideas, please?


Swapnil Vats
Find 10 most ideal users. Just build with them and create success stories. Dont build too many features early on. Focus on helping those 10 users achieve results. We launched today on PH and we have been building with 25 creators for the past 30 days. The pace that should matter right now is : A) Zero attrition B) Offer super strong value.
Lalit Tyagi
@swapnil_vats Great advice yaa may be 10 if we are strong and we know what is to be needed by user we can easily market to more. we will have more FAQ handy and grow on that. yaa patience is needed to build this. Great advice swapnil thanks man