How to launch an MVP in hard tech?

al z
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Hello community I'm new here, great to be here, learn and evolve There is a lot of talk about launching, various approaches, and ways to do it, starting with an MVP and iterating. But most if not almost all are software, vary rare I see people go the "hard" way. So, I'm wondering what are the common ways of launching an MVP in hard tech? Anyone here did that? Do you try to collect pre-orders? Do you offer free MVP tryouts or giveaways (for not very expensive MVPs)? If so, do you collect the sets you gave away (or sold as a pre-order) for fixes once things are reported by users? I'm preparing myself for this stage, so curious about the process... Thanks ahead Alex


Kirman Smith
Here are special tips. Planning Your Minimum Viable Product Plan Identify and Understand The Business Needs. a) Determine the long-term goal of the product and write it down. b) Answer the question “Why are we doing this project?”