How to improve your workplace energy at home?

People who work from home for long hours all experience the same problem - Backaches/butt pain etc. This can really harm your productivity eventually as you will be irritated and annoyed, causing you to fidget more (Not being able to stay in one position and focus on your work). Personally, I think it is important to invest in a good comfortable chair if you are serious about working from home. What are some other productivity tips you guys know? Open to chatting about it!


Ionel Moise
Pe lângă scaun, care e într-adevăr necesar, ai nevoie, periodic, de puțină mișcare.
Justin Neiman
I agree although expensive I think a good comfortable chair or even a standing desk is a great investment. I have found that scheduling time to get up and move around periodically can help with energy levels and productivity. But if you carve out those times you have to make sure you commit to them!
Chris Jungmann
Create a space dedicated to work only, even if it's just a room partition. Make it comfortable. Don't work outside of that space. Build work/life separation habits such as not checking emails after work hours (except for special occasions). Dedicate times for healthy activities such as yoga, walks etc. Oh, and get a "Rate My Room" checkup on your space for Zoom calls. Don't ask me how I learned about that ;)
Sune Jame
Workplaces are naturally a challenge to keep energy positive. You're essentially bringing people together to do things they don't necessarily want to do with people they might not want to do it with. So, Follow the mentioned-below steps to improve your workspace energy. 1. Communicate effectively with your coworkers. 2. Maintain a positive attitude 3. Set small, large goals 4. Leave home at home, work at work 5. Keep everything well organized 6. echat, and chatspin
Michael Gousis
de-clutter is huge, the mental burden of having a bunch of crap around your work space is big. 2 big monitors, a comfortable chair, and a french press will get you most of the way