How to go about pre-launching a product using Ship?

Hammad Nasir
3 replies
I've just made upcoming page for this product I'm working on: How can I make sure to have a good launch?


Shariq A
That's the multimillion dollar question :) I guess you have to figure out a way to bring people to your page somehow and then also take interest in your product. Maybe make your product a bit more flexible and provide options such as: - Buy me a Chai - Buy me a Chai Latte - Buy me a Matcha Latte - Buy me a Green Tea Best of Luck!
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
My two cents: 1. Great design that catches the eye 2. A clear CTA + a special offer for early adopters (like a discount) 3. If possible, include a GIF/screenshot that actually shows your product / demonstrates what it is. 4. Send it to other people and ask them if they understood what your product is, so you can refine your product description. 5. Promote the page on PH (you have to pay for a Pro plan) to help you get even more subscribers. 6. From time to time, send updates to your subscribers, sharing "behind the scenes" moments, special offers, product updates, etc. Here's our Ship page, for reference: Best of luck!