How to give a great experience for the users on PH? 😸

Anett Keresztes
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Hi guys! I am currently conducting preliminary research on how Product Hunt can be useful for our company. We aim to give a great experience for the users here, therefore I am curious what could make our product outstanding from a point of a user. Briefly, our product is a digital ecosystem driven by AI. It helps companies to: - discover the latest trends - similar companies - track industry changes - or find companies with specific technology It'd be nice to get some useful tips/ideas from everyone in this community on how can we serve you guys. Thank you!


Angi Bowman
What is the drawback for your company in using Product Hunt? Do you have hesitations that this wouldn't be the best place to launch? Making a product that is outstanding from the point of a user really is deeper than PH. Quite honestly, you would get some amazing feedback from the PH community by launching instead of the other way around. A few questions: - Do you know your target audience? Are they on PH? - What problem(s) does your product solve for them? - How can you best demonstrate to your audience that your product is the solution to their problems? A good user experience for PH is essentially synonymous with a good PH launch in general. Are you clearly showing the value of your product? Have you related to your audience and explained how your product solves their problems? Do they understand how it works or what's involved? Are you drawing in their interest to try the product? Your community outside of PH is just as important, especially for launch day. Are you actively connecting with communities? Are you prepare to encourage them to give you feedback on your PH? If you haven't already checked out PH's own launch guide, I would highly suggest it >
Bertha Kgokong
I would love to know the answer to that question too.