How to get your first customer?

Krishnangshu Saha
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Rucha Joshi
Your very first customer would generally be from your immediate network. Spread the word on what you're working on through friends, your social media handles, and platforms where you can get beta testers. Your first testers might just convert to paid customers if you take in their feedback and improve the product.
Hamed Baatour
there are only two ways ✌ 1. if you don't have money: create highly valuable content that brings value to potential customers 2. If you have lots of money: spend it on sponsorships, paid ads, and media coverage.
@hamedbaatour Even if option 2 is available, i would stick with option 1 during early stages. Staying frugal with marketing is less risky by allowing you to pivot at a cheaper cost. Nothing is more powerful than organic user growth through word of mouth. It's harder to gain traction at the start, but more rewarding down the road. Once you get real customer validation, then option 2 would make more sense if your budget allows.
Hamed Baatour
@maen_haq definitely!! as a bootstrapper myself I would choose option 1 all day long. However, for those who already raised some capital, there is no option 1... Investors will push for fast inorganic growth no matter what. providing value and organically growing will win in the long run but he asked an open-ended question so I answered with all the available options 🤷‍♂️
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